Goals Of My Goals

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Everyone has goals in their lives that's what motivates them everyday. Goals can be as simple as i want to stop consuming soda. As i learn in SDS class goals need to be specific and achievable. A goal cannot as simple as when you were a kid and wanted to be a super star. As it might be achievable but not quite you really need to be a good singer. My goals are to graduate this year from wenatchee valley college with associate degree in arts and science and with high school diploma, transfer to Eastern washington university, and finally graduate with a master in social work. To complete my goals i first need to know what i need to do to achieve them. To complete my first goal i need a to come to college everyday absolly. I also need to complete the 32 credits i have left. But in order to do that i need to get passing grades in each class course i take to achieve the 90 credits i need to graduate with associates arts and science degree. Because i am a running start student i also need to take class at WVC that will also count as credit for my high school. Right now i only need one more credit for P.E. and complete my community hours. I least i can say i have least achieve half of my first goal. Improving my english during my freshman and sophomore…show more content…
In personal wellness i learn how to healthy in all the six dimensions physical, psychological, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environmental. For social worker the main work they do is helping people cope and solve their everyday problems. So for me to help some out i need to understand six dimensions to see how to how to help patients out in each dimension. Not only help them but also help me be healthy in all six dimensions. Not only does this class helps you understand how to find inter peace with yourself but it also talks about the mental health problems people maybe doing to though and how to help him or prevent them from committing
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