God 's Aim For Directing Our Lives

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God’s aim in directing our lives is not to make us a success in our own minds. Oswald Chambers asserts, “His purpose is the process itself.” In this arrival based culture that pervades our thinking, however, the idea of growing, learning, stretching and becoming is not nearly as attractive as arriving. We admire and look up to those who acquire goods that we long for and emulate those who realize feats that we aspire to. Certainly, everyone would agree that it is much nicer to achieve and arrive, to meet a goal or to win a battle rather than to keep banging it out in the trenches. Admittedly, it is good to arrive, it builds confidence, momentum and makes us feel good. The difficulty, is not found in having arrival moments or even in enjoying them, but the problem arises when we begin to live for those achievements. When our identity becomes wrapped in our successes we find ourselves climbing on a precarious precipice of self accomplishment that can easily lead to leadership disaster. The goal of a successful leader is not to conduct a transaction whereby some thing is accomplished. Rather, it is principally about becoming transformed into a leader worth following throughout the process of bringing transformation. This paper will describe how I intend to continue to become a leader of deep character based on the presence of Christ and his word within me by cataloguing specific insights gleaned under each of the four primary questions posited in each of the four classes.

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