Godfather Death

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Godfather’s Death vs Appointment in Samarra (Paper version)
What is death? Who control death? Why does many people fear it? Those are the question a lot of people want answers for. In the story Godfather Death and Appointment in Samarra, the plot and theme. In Godfather Death, death was portray with sympathy and in Appointment in Samarra death was being hated.
In Appointment in Samarra, death is being view at as someone that everyone hate. However, there was this servant that went in the market to purchase something for his king. However, he saw death and knew it was his turn then hurried back to the king to report what he encounter. He then ask his master for a horse so he could go in Samarra and hide from death. However, the king then went
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The father had twelve children then the thirteenth son was born. He was in search of a godfather. However, the father denied God and the Devil to be the child’s godfather but accept death because he said death was different and equal. The father wanted his son to be wealthy and famous. So one day death took the godson to the wood, gave him some herbs and told him that he will be rich and famous by turning him into a great doctor. Death gives the kid a present for his immersion his blessing is the capacity to mend the debilitated the length of death is at their head in the event that he was at their feet the individual was to bite the dust. The doctor soon got to be acclaimed and was surely understood through the land. The doctor soon discovered the king was sick and when he drew closer to him, Death was at his feet, so he switched the kings position so Death was at the his head. Death was agitated with the child’s activities and cautioned him not to do it once more. Indeed, the specialist resisted Death yet again and this time Death said he should pay. Death took him to his natural hollow which had candles burning, in transit down the doctor approached what the candles where for and passing answered that they are people groups lives. Death showed the doctor his light and it was practically out, so he attempted to persuade him to give him a chance to live yet passing deceived him and put his
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