Going To College

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Albert Einstein studied at home with his mom and became a greatest scientist we have ever had. Steve Jobs dropped college to chase his own dream; he created iphone, the first smart phone, which changed people’s life in the whole world. They are all the great exemplary of successful. The interesting things is they do not go to any colleges, so why would a millions of people in the world now who long to be success have tried their best to get in and spent a lot of time in a college. The answer is why college is definitely a good choice because it helps its students to develop their ability as well as personality and gives them some certain advantages before they start their career.
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College is designed as a place which provides knowledge and training for the next generation. Students have to practice, and overcome their weakness. They have to work hard and become stronger to deal with difficult situations. That is how they get better, more confident and believe in themselves. Most students’ scare is presentation. They are afraid to be noticed by a lot of people, to get out their comfort zone. However, most class requires presentation as a project so that, in order to pass the class they have to deal with their weakness. They have to practice speaking, prepare the content carefully, do as best as possible to accomplish their task. By doing that, they are building their confidence which can make a huge different to their life that they can’t image “confidence comes naturally with success but success comes only to those who are confident”. There is one special thing about school is, we are allowed to fail. You have tried your best, but you were still unable to success. No problem! You have second chance or third chance which won’t happen in the real life. That is why going to college makes students become a determinate and hard-working people. They are building a stronger people inside which is a huge advantage for their career and their life

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