Golden Age of Islam Outline

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Islam- Assignment #4
1. Outline the main achievements of the Islamic world in the following fields:
I. Philosophy A. The Islamic world was most responsible for the preservation and spreading of philosophical achievements of ancient civilizations 1. Key ancient Greek philosophical words were translated into Arabic and stored in a “house of wisdom in Baghdad” 2. Through the Spanish Muslim philosopher, Ibn Rushd, many of these works eventually became known in Europe and influenced Christian thought
II. Mathematics
A. Textbooks on mathematics and linguistics (scientific study of languages) were brought from India
1.Introduction of paper from China helped stimulate this process B. Islamic …show more content…

Persians brought lyrical poetical mysticism (much of Islamic painting consist of Persian texts) B. Dome of the Rock (691) 1. Proclaimed the spiritual and political legitimacy of the new religion to the ancient world 2. On Muhammad’s holy rock and touches the Western Wall of the Jews and the oldest Christian church 3. One of the most revered Islamic monuments 4. Interior reflects Persian motifs with mosaics of precious stone C.As Islam became more established, larger mosques were being built 1.used to pray in an open court shaded along the kibla (the wall facing the holy city of Mecca. Direction prayer is in) D. Great Mosque of Samara (848-852) was the largest mosque ever built 1. set in the kibla was a mihrab (niche) that contained a ddecorated panel pointing to Meccan and representing Allah 2. 90 foot tall minaret that the muezzin called the faithful to prayer E. Palaces reflected the glory of Islam 1.Rulers constructed large brick domiciles reminiscent of Roman design 2.Alhambra in Spain in the city of Granada 1.Intricate floral and semiabstract patterns 2.Lion Court with a lion fountain and arcade with elegant columns and carvings
VI. Art
A. Knotted woolen rug 1.Small rugs served as prayer mats and larger ones were given by rulers as rewards for political favors 2. The art of rug weaving has been

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