Chapter 12 World History Study Guide

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Chapter 12 World History Study Guide
The Islamic World

Create a detailed list of information for each of the sections below.
Arabian Peninsula climate and trade routes
Located in the southwest corner of Asia
Near the intersection of Africa, Europe, and Asia
Summer temperatures rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Hot and dry air
Trades start from caravans
Islamic beliefs: Sunna, Five Pillars, and the religious Qur 'an
The sunnah refers to the way Muhammad lived, which provides a model for the duties and the way of life expected of Muslims.
First statement of faith
Daily prayer
Yearly donation

The origins of Islam: how it started and who started it
Muhammad goes and prays in a cave.
Angel from God comes and tells him "Recite! Recite!"
Muhammad becomes a prophet and spreads his teachings through Islam.
The spread of Islam: how it was spread, conquering nations, tolerance, religious conversion.
Goes from Mecca to Medina, northern Mecca.
Other Arab tribes accept Islam.
Defeated Persian, Byzantine, Central Asia, Northern India, and Spain.
Tolerance is acceptance.
Muslim Achievements: Science, Literature, Art, Architecture, and Math
Observatories are made for astronomists to see the sun, moon, and stars.
Sufism stars.
Sufi poets, Omar Khayyám, wrote about loyalty to God.
Animals and plants are not shown because Muslims think that only God can create animals and plants in his image.
Rich Muslims are patrons, or supporters, to architecture so Muslims can pray in big

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