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Golden Retriever Health
More than just a pet, the Golden Retriever is a best friend, cherished companion, adopted family member. When you take this breed of dog into your home, your arms, your life, you must assume responsibility for your Golden Retriever Health.
Just a little upfront effort about Golden Retriever health will ensure there are no surprises later.
Potentially, 60 percent of Goldens develop cancer, according to statistics. They are at greater risk for Hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma than all other breeds. Cancer is considered their number one cause of death.
Treatment for Cancer: Yunzhi mushroom supplements – traditional med used by doctors in China for 2,000+ years –were reported in clinical trials to provide a longer survival
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(Percentages from 2005 study published in JAVMA). Both are extremely painful and can lead to surgery.
Like humans, dogs experience seizures. Epilepsy is a chief concern for Golden Retriever Health. Latest estimates show seven percent of this breed is affected with seizures. This hereditary condition is not curable; it can only be managed. Epileptic Golden Retrievers should be under the ongoing treatment of a good veterinarian.
Goldens are susceptible to eye problems, including cataracts, central progressive retinal atropy and glaucoma. Juvenile Cataracts are hereditary and manifest before the puppy is six years old. Cataracts also develop in middle-aged Golden Retrievers. Surgery is sometimes indicated. If untreated, cataracts can cause blindness.
Central Progressive Retinal Atropy (CPRA), a congenital, degenerative disease of the retinas, generally affects this breed in their ‘golden years’. Unfortunately, no current treatment exists for CPRA.
Glaucoma is due to excessive eye fluid, which accumulated intraocular pressure. Acute Glaucoma can lead to blindness, within a few hours. For early onset glaucoma, your Vet can prescribe eye drops that decrease the pressure or recommend surgical
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