Google’s Country Experiences: France, Germany, Japan Essay

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1. How does a search engine work and make money?
Google’s search engine allows users to input and submit data online. In return, the user would receive relevant search results. Behind the scenes upon the submission, web crawlers scan through billions of pages and link keywords from a user’s data to the publish data on the web. Their PageRank technology ranks these pages by the number and popularity of other sites that link to the page. This provides the user with accurate and popular results. Google search engines generated high revenues between advertising on its websites and selling its technology to other sites.
2. What is the exportability of a search engines technology and business model?
In 2007, Google has exported its search …show more content…

Thereafter, they filed suite for such contraventions. The French government also became furious when Google decided to digitize books and documents so they counteracted to provide their citizens with its own search engine and page rank model named Quaero. However, that project later ruled against by the European Union as improper due to allocation of unfair funds, which is highly forbidden by European law. In regards to the launch of domain and its free e-mail, Gmail went unforeseen under the radar and further encountered issues with the courtrooms. Google again infringed on a German businessperson’s trademark registration Gmail, which Google later demanded by German officials to cease all handouts of throughout all of Germany. Thereafter, upon approval of the European Union the German government and companies came together to fund the Theseus another search engine for use that interconnected between Germany and France users. Lastly, when Google penetrated the Asia market their focus was to create search services for character based- languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Upon Google’s Japanese subsidiary created in 2002and an R&D center in Tokyo in 2004. Japans Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry felt threatened and organized a group of 20 electronic companies and universities to create a competitive search engine among AJ Japan, Google

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