Gopro Case Analysis: An Analysis Of Gopro

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Resume of the article
The article elucidates GoPro’s decision of using their first-ever scripted ad, the ad marks a significant shift from where GoPro usually focused on, making it clear that the company is trying to reach out for another segment. Despite failures such as their attempt on the drone industry. The company has suffered from a decreasing revenue and shares, pushing them to seek other goals. In this case the goal was to reach out by giving a simple message that can explain why a GoPro is essential for the average Joe. To further maximise their profits and perhaps even double or triple the size of the company.

Primary target group and why
Their “Be A Hero” campaign appeals to a target group that’s, as the article mentions …show more content…

The use of IMC in this case signifies the company’s ability to deliver such message, as they’ve got to be able to use each component properly. Let’s take a look at that.

They use the IMC’s components to reach further into their target group, like when they use several public relations, in this case youtubers that have gone “viral” meaning that they’ve uploaded a video into YouTube that’s got so much recognition to the extent of making it to the top in the popularity section, therefore granting GoPro direct access to the millions of views that can ensure that GoPro’s message is repeatedly seen and shared across YouTube or other social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

These videos usually also contribute to the reputation of the brand, as it can seem more trustworthy seen from a Youtubers eyes rather than a GoPro certified worker. Therefore, also to ensure that the viewers perception isn’t obstructed by marketing terms that’s means to attract, but actual comments about the product. That can end up being both negative or

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