Gospel Project Research Paper

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Gospel Project Do you ever feel like you have no one to comfort you? No one that cares which you could talk to? Come to Jesus, and have your burden lifted while it flies away. Jesus is the spirit that embraces your soul, him whom we cannot see, but yet we still acknowledge that he is there. He’s the friend who you can always trust, the parent that comforts you, the teacher that guides you, the song that sings to you, and the joy that makes you laugh. The word that is read to you, and the heartbeat, which your heart beats. To teenagers whom are losing faith, Christ can seem a million miles away or not here at all. Now and then, it may feel like endless nights of praying with no one to hear, but that is not true. Because he is not visible, …show more content…

There’s so much joy in believing in Jesus, so much love and reassurance which everyone should be able to experience even through the difficult times we unfortunately face because of original sin. It is understandable that at one point of one’s life, your faith may go through doubt. The reason this gospel is being written so that when you are in that moment of doubt, hatred or despair, you will be reassured that Jesus is still there. Helping, embracing, and loving you no matter what or even if it may not seem like it at that time is what Jesus does. During these periods, it is essential to find that little speck of hope and faith that remains in your heart, pray and reflect, and let Jesus lift all these worries from you and love you. Every so often we must overlook him being the almighty person he is, the savior and just talk to him as a friend. Being your friend is all he wants to do because Jesus loves you and frees you from despair. Giving you hope in dark times when it feels like no one will makes him the friend you need. It is important to know he is our friend because when doubting, it can be hard to remember that he is trying to help us, so instead of turning away from him, we should hug him even harder. As a result, our faith should strengthen us to get through all these challenges we face, and move on to lead a life full of happiness, love, and

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