Gothic and Romanesque Cathedrals Essay

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The Romanesque style transformed into the Gothic style during the Middle Ages. This happened for many reasons. The Romanesque period was a time of trial and error while the Gothic period was a time of advancements in inventions. Religion was an important factor in the shift between Romanesque and Gothic. The locations of the two types of cathedrals also contributed toward the change between Romanesque and Gothic, as well as the power of the relics and the community to raise funds for the Gothic cathedrals. There are several reasons the architecture of the cathedral changed from Romanesque to Gothic in the Middle Ages. The Romanesque period lasted from 1000 to 1200 AD. Today's France was the center of Romanesque architecture and the…show more content…
In Romanesque,the emphasis was on transcendental and feudalistic systems whereas in the Gothic this approach was humanized and individualized. The Gothic architecture emphasized upward movement towards god, a feeling that cannot be found in a Romanesque basilica although it might hav already pointed arches, a key element of gothic architecture. There is just a different feeling in the Gothic architecture gives and overwhelming feeling of mysticism, the dominant spiritual and philosophical movement." The Gothic period was a tuime of advancements in architecture including the pointed arch, the rib vault, and the flying buttress. Also, stained glass windows were a beutiful way to express their beliefs in an architectural way. The pointed arch was their first invention that removed the awkward look of disproportional arches at the sides of the Romanesque cathedrals. The pointed arch also directed the weight of the vault downward to help support the massive ceilings. The second advancement of the Gothic architects solved problems of the Romanesque period. The Romanesque cathedrals had thick walls that gave the feeling of confinement, and their massive arches seemed ill proportioned to their small windows, which created little light. The rib vaults allowed the architects to increase the spaciousness and height, reduce the thickness
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