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Based on a horrible murder in 1843 in Canada, the novel " Alias Grace" tells the story of a young Irish-born servant girl who plans to kill her employer and his mistress. It is a very horrifying tragedy. An analysis of Grace Mark's behavior reveals many things. Her actions in the novel show that she is guilty of the murders of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery. She plans with a man named James McDermott, hired help, to kill the love of her life and the mistress he is seeing.

Alias Grace begins after a Grace has served eight years in prison. She is twenty-four years old. She is transferred from prison to an asylum over time to examine her activity to see if she is a sane human being. She doesn't cooperate with the doctors and …show more content…

Grace tells him that she will be with him if he helps her kill Nancy Montgomery. "McDermott he loved Grace, and 'twas these loves as I do tell that brought them to disgrace. O Grace, please be my own true love."(12) "O no it cannot be, unless you kill for my dear sake, Nancy Montgomery."(12)

A doctor named Simon Jordan has taken an interest in Grace also. A group has tried for a pardon for Grace. The doctor hopes that he will find Grace sane and innocent on all counts of the murders of Nancy Montgomery and Thomas Kinnear. After he studies Grace for a period of time be believes that he has fallen in love with her. He knows that he cannot have her so he takes out his frustrations and fancies on his landlady. Dr. Jordon becomes more involved with Grace Marks case and he tries to help her with her memory laps on the day that Nancy Montgomery and Thomas Kinnear were murdered. The doctors put Grace under hypnosis and found that she was guilty of the murders but she had a different personality that of Mary Whitney.

In addition to having motives, Grace Marks has done a really poor job of covering up the murder, and can be considered guilty because of logical reasoning. Her love for Mr. Kinnear was true, but she acted completely out of character after he was killed. It is thought that if her love was real, and she did not commit the murder, that Grace Marks would be horrified after such a tragedy such as that. Instead she acts calm and she even

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