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Grace with a N I think an idol should be someone special that a person looks up to and inspires to be. One person that I really look up to is our family friend Gracen. I would say that Gracen and I have a lot in common, and that is one reason I look up to her. Even though she is only twenty one she has already had so many different opportunities that I would love to experience when I am older. Along with her being super smart and determined she also has such a kind heart which I think has helped take her on all of her different journeys. Gracen has always been super adventurous. She grew up in a small town named Nipawin, which is really close to Tobin Lake. Being that Tobin is known for its fishing, Gracen spent lots of time in the boat. Her parents would take her and her brother camping to different lakes across Saskatchewan. That’s when she became very outdoorsy, just like myself. Now in her spare time you could find her hiking, canoeing, fishing, or just spending time outside exploring new places. …show more content…

Whether it’s for school, to help people, or just for fun she has done it. When she was just fifteen, she had the chance to be a part of an exchange program. She traveled to Italy by herself, not knowing the language or anyone there. She stayed with strangers for three months, still having to go to school while trying to learn a little bit of Italian. It ended up being such a great learning experience for her. It made her way more grown up and independent. It also taught her a bit of the Italian culture and showed her a different lifestyle . I thought it was very brave of her to want to travel across the country on her own. It showed me that if you want to do something, and you’re determined enough to make it happen, it

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