Grade Girls Are Taller Than Grades Girls

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Data Sheet:
Hypothesis: 9th grade boys are taller than 9th grade girls because boys are usually taller than girls and at the age of 14, most boys already had their growth spurt (Physical Changes During Puberty 1).
Name & Gender Height (cm) Trial 1 Height (cm) Trial 2 Height (cm) Trial 3 Average of 3 Trials
Carina & Female 167.6 cm 167.6 cm 167.6 cm 167.6 cm
Kelsey & Female 157.5 cm 157.5 cm 157.5 cm 157.5 cm
Nelson & Male 154.9 cm 154.9 cm 154.9 cm 154.9 cm
Yu-Kai & Male 180.3 cm 180.3 cm 180.3 cm 180.3 cm

Size of Graduated Cylinder Volume (ml) Trial 1 Volume (ml) Trial 2 Volume (ml) Trial 3
Small 7.0 ml 7.0 ml 7.0 ml
Medium 19.0 ml 18.5 ml 18.5 ml
Large 60.0 ml 59.0 ml 59.5 ml
Mass of Weighing Boat: 0.7 g
Type of Grain: Red Beans …show more content…

Average Height of All the Classes Dr. Tu Teaches

The graph that is the most appropriate for this type of data is a histogram because it is used to compare things between contrasting groups.
3. Standard Deviation of Boys: 5.9
Standard Deviation of Girls: 5.0
4. The student height for boys has bimodal data because there are 2 peaks in the data. The 2 peaks are the average height of class QT-9 and the mean height of QT-1.
For the student height of girls, the data has a normal distribution because the data has a symmetrical spread around the mean. It has a bell shape.
b. The groups are different because one graph has bimodal data and the other has a normal distribution. Also, the values of each of the bar graphs are contrasting.
c. I am very confident in making this conclusion because the data for the boys has 2 peaks, while the data for the girls has data that first increases, then decreases after the midpoint of the graph.
5. The standard deviations of the groups are different between these two data sets. This implies that both girls and the boys groups have a large variability in their data. The reason is that the standard deviation for boys is 5.9 and the standard deviation for girls is 5.0. This means the data has a wide range of data within the mean.
b. The bigger data set does show the groups to be different. I am very confident in making that

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