Graduate Admissions Committee : Behavioral Analysis

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Graduate Admissions Committee,

I am applying to your master’s program in Criminal Justice / Applied Behavioral Analysis, to begin in March 2016. Since earning my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fordham University, I have been employed as a Therapeutic Support Specialist, with Pathways of Pennsylvania, and I am also a Corrections Officer, with the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons. I have had an interest in criminal justice since I was in the seventh grade. Growing up in the neighborhood that I grew up in I witnessed a lot of criminal acts of all kinds take place. i also saw abuse of authority by those who were sworn to protect and serve the people of my community. From my life’s experiences I swore that I would make a difference and a change for the better to ensure that crime was not so rampant in low economic communities, and that those in positions of authority could no longer abuse their powers.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to make a change for the better in the lives of other people. I love, enjoy and am passionate about working with children. It wasn’t until my little cousins born addicted to drugs and alcohol which caused developmental and intellectual disabilities and some communication deficiencies, did I begin to develop an interest in the behaviors of others. Throughout high school I would volunteer at hospitals, child care centers, and cerebral palsy foundations. I have over 15 years work experience applied behavior

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