Graduate Level Nursing Leadership From An Individual Perspective

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Graduate Level Nursing Leadership from an Individual Perspective
Nena S. Morden
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Nursing 5000 Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse
Week 2 Assignment 2
Dr. Linda Phelps
April 24, 2015 Graduate Level Nursing Leadership from an Individual Perspective After taking a quiz on leadership at Psychology, I determined that I am a participative leader. Participative leadership was first described by Kurt Lewin in 1939 as a democratic style of leadership where team or group members are involved in solving problems and have significant input in decision making (Reilly, 2011). There are many different leadership models and activities that are used in nursing to guide the advanced practice nurse as they transition into their perspective roles and become leaders. The purpose of this paper was to compare my own participative leadership style and examine how it relates to some of the more popular leadership models and activities that enhance the attributes of graduate nurses and makes them more successful as leaders. In participative leadership, the leader of a group usually makes the final decisions, but only after consulting other team members for their input. Team members are inspired and motivated by this type of leadership which helps the leader’s decisions to be more widely accepted and adopted by the members (Reilly, 2011). In 1978, James Burns wrote a book about leadership styles in which he described the participative leader style as a type of
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