Graduation Speech : Becoming A Successful College Student Essay

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Chrystelle Pierre-Fils
Ms. Milliner
09/26/16 When an individual hears the word “college,” the first thing that comes to mind is, “stress”. In reality, college doesn’t always get a negative response when speaking to those who have finished college. College could influence an individual to go and it can also influence an individual to not go to college. As a highschooler, I do not know much about college. However, from interviewing others and doing some research, the sources gave me a synopsis on what to expect. From my research, I obtained so much information. I learned the difference between what high school is and what college is. After reading, “Becoming a successful college student.” it was clear to see that there are many different alterations when adjusting to a college life. You take on many more responsibilities. In college, all though meeting with your professor is once a week or so, you will still be required to write essay, visit certain places for your homework and you still need to stay in tact for when things are due. high school teachers are more laid back than college college professors. Instead of keeping things up to date with you, it is your job to make sure you know all the due dates. When you want to meet with a professor it is also a requirement to schedule an appointment with them. High School tests and college exams are different. In high school, tests are based off of things that you’ve learned recently while a college exams could
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