Essay about How to Succeed as a Student

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Life as a university student can be tough, but to make sure you get your money and times worth out of it you need to know how to be a successful student. Being a successful student requires a combination of attending your classes, doing your homework, and monitoring your level of stress. This may not sound too hard, but once you are in the moment and need to juggle all of these things along with all of the other responsibilities and challenges life entails it may begin to seem like a much more difficult task.
The first step to being a successful student in University, or anywhere else, is to attend as many of your classes as you can. Attending your classes is vital to your success in a university environment. Some teachers will use online …show more content…

Doing the assignments allows you to practice your understanding of that knowledge and will make things easier on the exams. Some classes don’t have a final exam. In these cases the homework will likely be worth a much larger portion of your mark and the marks lost from ignoring it could cause you to fail the course. In some cases, the homework you can do is able to be used on open note tests or quizzes. Having many of the answers already inside of your notes can make a test trivial to do well on. Doing homework isn’t always about the work itself. Of you are someone who has a busy life you may not feel like you have time for homework. Forcing yourself to make room to sit down somewhere quiet and do homework may give you some time to think. It will can give you a few hours away from the other stresses in your life. Doing well in school isn’t all about showing up and doing the work. Your mood can be just as important to doing well in school. If you are overly stressed out by school and work you will end up focusing less on it and doing worse in it. Giving yourself a day off once or twice a month can give you some time to clear your head and go back into it feeling rejuvenated the next day. If your entire life consists of nothing but school and work you are probably not going to be a happy person. If you are not happy you will not as well at your school work. Having a hobby of

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