Graduation Speech : My Class Work

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These first six weeks of school have been great I am loving it. It has been great first six weeks because of the teachers and all the people I 'm around. I am loving this school because I got to get closer to God and hangout with my friends. This year I am in seventh grade my goals are getting my grades up, running the mile faster in P.E., and respecting my teachers. The first thing I will be talking about is getting my grades up. A way I can do this is by finishing all my class work. I will not talk in class and do work instead. Last year I talked too much in class and I did not finish my class work. This year I turn in my work on time and my grades are very good. Another way I can finish all my class work is, paying attention during class so I know what we 're doing. This year I paid attention in class and I know we are doing the class. Another where I can get my grades up is turning in all my homework. I will finish it all the night before. I 'll finish it all night before and not turn it in late so I do not get a red book. When I do this my grades will go up and I will do good in school. Another way I can turn in my homework on time is by doing it in class if I can. When I finish it in class I do not have to do it at home and I turn it in on time. If I don 't finish most of it and I do the rest of it at home. The final way I can get my grades up is by doing extra credit if needed. If I do my extra credit then my grade will go up and I will be able to stay in my

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