Graduation Speech : My Senior Year

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In the fall of my senior year, I am planning on applying to a variety of four year universities, but my absolute dream school would be Brown University. The school is located in Rhode Island and is considered to be a highly liberal university with a very flexible curriculum. I believe that the freedom and independence Brown offers would give me the chance to experience spiritual growth because I don’t necessarily know what I want to do in the future in regards to a career. However, I am aware that Brown is an Ivy League and that it is expensive. I come from a middle to lower class family and I know that without financial aid-there would be no possible way I could afford to attend the school of my dreams. After doing some research, I found …show more content…

I noticed that most of the jobs I found required heavy manual labor and I speculated that the reason they pay reasonably well is because they have the potential to be dangerous, extremely boring, or unappealing. In an article I found on Business Insider, it listed a variety of high paying jobs with a high school diploma so I decided to pick a few that I wouldn’t mind doing. According to the article, the average annual salary of these seventeen high-paying jobs was around $61,000. However, Commercial Pilots could make up to $73,280 per year, Farmers could make up to $69,300 per year and Postmasters could make $63,050 per year. This was not too bad of a salary.

Math Example:
(Cost of attending Brown) x 4 years= (50,700 x 4)= $202,800

(Annual Salary working as a Postmaster) x 4 years= (63,050 x 4)= $252,200

Total Cost of attending 4 years of college: ($202,800) + ($252,200)= $455,000
Job after attending college:
Business Analyst after graduating Brown University (First year)= $79,030/year

Assume the following:
I plan on getting a post-graduate degree: ($1,000 a month) x (12 months)= $12,000/year

If I were to get a job as a Business analyst with a post-graduate degree, I would be making $79,030/year but minus the cost of loans which is $12,000/year ($79,030 - $12,000) = $67,030 would be my annual salary

($79,030 college job)-($63,050 high school job)= $15,980 positive pay differential by attending college
($15,980) - ($12,000 yearly

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