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By the time that Landon and I arrived to his mansion, the party had already started. Crazy, intoxicated teenagers were swaying their hips and doing every provocative move they could think of to the beat of the horrid, meaningless music. Guys were desperately trying to get laid and the girls were loitering around, all over the place, taking photos and slurring their every word. Nothing good ever came out of partying-I could already tell that I was going to regret my actions by tomorrow morning, but not as much as Landon. Recently, his parents grounded him for failing his classes and trashing the whole entire house was his way of retaliating, I suppose. Suddenly, Landon and I were approached by a college student. The guy had bloodshot…show more content…
"Bros before hoes." Landon smacked me on the back, hard. "That 's not what you said when you screwed my ex girlfriend." I scoffed. "Her body looked so good in those jeans...but what I saw....was disgusting. She had stretch marks and scars everywhere...nasty." I felt slightly hurt by his comment, but I laughed it off. "That 's why I dumped her in the first place." I said, before walking away to go and search for Tiffany. I was feeling woozy and exhausted, so I sat down, on the couch and decided to text A. Me: heyy A: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Me: ???? A: YOURE ALIVE I THOUGHT YOU GOT RUN OVER BY A BUS Me: don 't worry, babe, I 'm fine. Maybe I 'm a little drunk, but I 'm fine. A: LOL i knew you were drunk without you telling me in the first place Me: how? A: because you 're being nice to me rofl Me: I 'm always nice to you, wtf are you talking about love A: go home, Zach, your drunk Me: you wnt me to drive while drunk? A: shit no DONT I WAS KIDDING IT WAS A STUPID PHRASE ITS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY A: u there? A: PLZ DONT A: plz A: I WAS KIDDING, I SWEAR TO GOD. Me: I was kidding, babe it 's k I 'm not dead Me: yet A: that 's not funny... A: so, tell me, how 's ur day been so far? Me: pretty shitty, u? A: fine. A: u wanna talk to me about it? Me: nah Me: hey, I know what u should be for Halloween A: hmm? Me: dr phil hahahhahahahanahahahahahah A: -.- ' so funny, I forgot to laugh. A: I 'm trying to be nice to
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