Graduation Speech : Secondary School Teacher

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Secondary School Teacher

The career I have chosen to pursue is a Secondary School Teacher. It is a challenging and creative career to have and is a career that helps “prepare students for life after graduation. They teach academic lessons and various skills that students will need to attend college and to enter the job market” (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). To me preparing students for the future is a huge responsibility, that I would be willing to take on. Not only is it a high school teacher’s job to help a student learn and understand important high school subjects, like math, science, english, or whatever else, but it is their job to help shape the minds of the the world’s next generation of passionate and promising young adults.
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Besides that, a teacher would have to be patient and have a certain charisma. With these personality traits, teaching could be a breeze.

Working Conditions and Salary

High School teachers work in either public or private schools” (“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). “According to the United States Department of Education(1998) over 52 million students will “stretch the capacity of the nation’s school for many years to come””(“O*NET”). The median annual wage for high school teachers was $55,050 in May 2012. In 2014, the annual median wage was $56,310. So the maximum, you could predict that it wouldn’t be too far from that. This career has many expenses for getting started. A teacher would need money to buy books, paper, pens, pencils, and anything else essential to the job. You’d get the opportunity to make a difference, personally and professionally.

Typical Day

A high school teachers typical day would be to “identify the educational needs of others, and teaching or instructing others”(“WARD, M; WELLS, T; FERNANDEZ”). “Generally, they work school hours, which vary somewhat, but most also work evenings and weekends to prepare lessons and grade papers. However, most do not teach during the summer”(“Bureau of Labor
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