Grease Character Analysis

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In the movie “Grease,” John Travolta portrays the character, Danny. Danny especially struggles throughout the movie trying to figure out exactly who he is. It remains very common for teenagers to struggle with identity while going through different stages of their lives. Identity is a self-definition or sense of who one is, where one is going, and how one fits into society. As much as Danny does not want to see it when he is around certain individuals he acts much different than what he does around other individuals. Furthermore, I will cover four topics on how Danny struggles with identity throughout the movie “Grease” with the following topics: how Danny views himself, how Danny’s friends view him, how Sandy views him, and lastly how Danny changes throughout the movie. John Travolta’s character, Danny Zuko, sees himself as the leader of his group. When he is around his friends he sees himself as such a badass. For example, in the beginning of the movie when Danny first sees that Sandy is going to be going to his school, it is easy to notice that Danny is struggling to decide how he wants to react to her being there because his friends are around. When Danny is around Sandy, he is a completely different person than he is around his friends. For instance, in the intro of the movie it shows how the two spent their summer together at the beach every day. Danny treated Sandy like such a lady. These two cases show how Danny perceives himself differently around certain

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