Great Teachers Who Positively Infuence Students to Become Fluent

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In a red beanie chair beside Mrs. Barnes desk in the back of the room I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest and Charlotte’s Web balanced on top. As I read I became a girl determined to save a baby pig, a spider with an incredible web, and a lonely pig. I traveled through the story as if it was my life I was reading about. Books take me on a journey to unimaginable worlds where I can be a damsel in distress, or a circus freak, I can ride a flying pig or stand beside Martin Luther King Jr. as he makes his speeches. Early, on I had teachers who encouraged me to find books that I enjoyed and that could transport me but there are very few teachers who encourage their kids to read and enjoy it. Most teacher assign books that will match the …show more content…

Many times when we are given the choice to read or not we will pick the latter because we know that no matter what nothing the teacher can say will get us excited for the assignment. Teachers need to also realize that they are the reason for our animosity towards reading. When a teacher assigns a book they are usually very sullen about the idea of the assignment. By having this expression the teacher is setting the mood for the reading and discouraging us from reading. When I was sitting in my freshman English class my teacher got out her large teacher’s addition of the textbook flipped to Romeo and Juliet and stated in a monotone voice for us to get out our books and read silently to ourselves. As a result the story of Romeo and Juliet agitates and bores me. The impression my teacher had for the story was impressed upon me an aversion to it. When giving a reading assignment teacher should be excited and enthusiastic about reading, so that to impress upon the us an impression of enjoyment for the reading. We should feel the same enthusiasm as Malcolm X did when he states, “The best thing I could do was get hold of a dictionary-to study, or to learn some words.”(Malcolm X, 354) As we do when they pick up a book but, without time to read it is hard for us to enjoy it. Teachers should help to encourage us to feel excited by making time in class for us to

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