Great Wall Of China

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Imagine a world without China a world without exotic but exquisite cuisine, a world without healthy alternatives to bland water such as green tea, and a world without everyday objects such as paper and silk. this might seem silly, but with without the Great Wall of china, built by the Han and Qin dynasties, China might not exist today. Although many people died during the building process the benefits of the wall outweigh the cost by protecting China, impressing visitors, and becoming a historical landmark. To begin, the Great Wall of China's benefits outweigh pet the cost by protecting China. To explain, the Great Wall of China increased security in China as stated in the background essay, so without it the mongols who especially bothersome ,also stated in the background essay, could have invaded China depriving us the their culture…show more content…
For explain, landmark that people could visit so they can learn about the Great wall and learn about ancient Chinese civilization it’s important people know about the past.
Another example, is that architects can study the Great wall and learn/ build upon ancient chinese techniques also increasing their building skills. The Great Wall also allows historians to learn more about ancient China and life working on the Great Wall.

Although, the Great Wall a success you might be thinking how did it benefit the rest of the world besides China, well it did when it increased trade and stopped war. To explain, when the Great wall impressed visitors and increased trade it brought much needed things all over the world like paper or silk. Another example, is when the Great wall prevented war. This benefited the world by not creating world war 1 before world war 1 happened. China could have recruited others and so could the mongols creating a big war potentially destroying everything like in Germany World War
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