Great Workplaces Learn How To Offer Benefits That Increase

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Great workplaces learn how to offer benefits that increase employee satisfaction, which affects customer satisfaction, in hopes of ultimately increasing profitability. These workplaces enjoy lower turnover, better staff, and preferable performance. According to the text, “a great workplace is a place of trust - the credibility in knowing that what is spoken can be believed because management has the integrity and competence to accomplish fulfillment.” Employees set standards and still enjoy their peers. Management accomplishes trust by communicating, being available, tackling challenges, honoring their word, saying thank you, and emotional intelligence. In observations by Lolly Daskal’s, she states: motivation should start with the …show more content…

The SAS Country Club is also offered to employees at a 90% discount. “The environment is laid back and convenience is the motto.” Next door to SAS, working parents have access to one of four SAS Montessori daycare programs - 1/3rd the cost of a related program. Because SAS is a privately held company, stock options are not offered. Nevertheless, SAS offers competitive wages and an expanding portfolio of family and life services. At the company cafeteria, employees can eat lunch with their kids and at no cost - families are looked after by the SAS medical staff of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists. When a specialist is required, SAS picks up 80% of the bill. These benefits save time, money, and reduces turnover. SAS treatment of their employees reflects their commitment to make what matters to you matter to them.
I believe SAS’s CEO, Jim Goodnight, ulterior motive is to redefine what’s considered success and de-emphasize the big business philosophy that solely focuses on financial performance. To appease those accustomed to receiving stock options, SAS goes above and beyond in offering perks and services that ease distracting burdens employees commonly experience. SAS arranges with local merchants the delivery of good and services to the office. SAS employees can also have their oil changed and tires rotated on-site. The work life department is staffed by social workers who assist employees in finding colleges or long term care for aging

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