Greece : A Non Unilineal Culture

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Greece is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with rituals and ceremonies dating back to ancient times. The same wedding dances still occur at modern day Greek weddings that started centuries ago. Greece is a non-unilineal culture, which means that they trace their ancestry through both their mother and father. Greece is a peninsula located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Greece is a nation of islands with 227 inhabited, and 6,000 total temperate islands (“Visit Greece/Islands”). Greece’s population has increased from 1960 to 2012, but has recently been declining in recent years. The majority of the Greek population practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity, or Greek Orthodox so the majority of modern day weddings take place in an Orthodox Church. Wedding rituals in Greece have been carried from generation to generation since accent Greece. Something that has changed since then is the arrangement of marriages, there was no courtship in accent Greece, but an arranged marriage orchestrated by the bride and grooms parents. These marriages were usually organized for financial or political gains for either family. The age of the bride would usually be from ages fourteen to eighteen, while the husband would be upwards of twenties or even thirties (“Marriages in Ancient Greece."). One tradition that still stands in modern day Greek weddings in the traditional dance called the Kalamatianos. In this dance multiple people, including

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