Greek Religion : Ancient Greeks

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Ancient Greeks worshipped lots of different gods. They believed many gods appeared in human form and were provided with superhuman strength. The Greeks usually worshipped in sanctuaries located within the city or the country. A sanctuary was a well-defined sacred space set apart usually by an enclosure wall. They also worshipped in temples. Temples benefited from their natural surroundings, helping the expression of character divinities. The Greeks also had a Christian Orthodox church they used. The Greek religion had a total of twelve gods, each representing a certain aspect of human behavior. Religion was always present. The Greeks had rituals, myths, and temples with the beliefs being widespread so the Greek government could function. Each god did a different thing, with different powers. Each were always needed, and their powers were always necessary. They usually all got along unless one was made mad.
Greek religion was combinations of old Minoan beliefs. To some extent always remained familiar but its far from easy understanding. The Greeks thought of their religion as unique and unrepeatable. They believed that after death, a soul went on a journey to a place called the underworld (“Everyday life, Beliefs, and Myths”). If the soul went to the underworld the god of death would cut off a lock of your hair as you died. Hermes, the messenger god, would then lead you to the river, Styx. If your body was once buried the ferryman god would deliver you across the river.

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