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1. Describe the HP organizational Culture. What are some implications of this culture for developing new innovations? What is evidence of R&D’s dominance in HP? The HP organizational culture revolved around the “HP Way,” which strongly stressed consensus decision-making. While this had worked in many ways for HP in the past, this type of culture created its share of problems. Because GHC’s business is technology-driven, the culture was dominated by R&D. While the company was making the sift to give other functional areas more input as markets began to shift towards business and consumer users, the consensus decision-making culture made this a hard task. Even when there were disagreements, multifunctional teams would …show more content…

All of these problems were presented in the case. The flatbed and portable divisions each had different goals respectively based on their markets/potential markets. Flatbed technology was mature and Greeley was merely trying to cut costs, and the portable technology

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