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Hello Jacqueline! One of my added research question incorporates awareness of self and others, one’s perceptions or personal interest or relevance and strategies, that are preventing counselors from integrating spirituality into sessions. In researching the topic, common themes connected to the topic, fear and ethical barriers.
Thanks for your response, Diane
Greetings Osama,
Interesting topic! When reading your post, a question came to mind, does the Libyan crisis lie in government, struggle of power or the distrust toward Libya’s public financial system? Your research seems very broad, how might the topic be narrow down, so you concentrate on the most important aspect of your questions? Additionally, which questions are you concentrating on the
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The focus of your research is African-American male, in the ninth grade, how might this limit the reliability and validation when correlating your results? When reading your question, one came to mind, what are common themes for success or failure in education opportunities/barriers in other cultures, when it comes to males in the ninth grade? African-American males approach to learning, compared to other cultures? How are your research questions going to correlate with the result with only using one focus group, African-American? I look forward to hearing more about this area of concentration.
Warm regards, Diane

Hi Tiffany,
Yes, there are common themes within spirituality, hospice, and counseling. This being, competence in ways to address patient/client’s spiritual needs, organized religion in practice, advance in interdisciplinary dialogue, understanding of theories, research, and practice specific to palliative care and hospice. Lastly, knowledge in multiple services in helping the client/patients.
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