The Integration of Christianity and Psychology

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Personal Theory Paper: Future Counseling Theory Paper

Bethany F. Miracle

Liberty University

In this paper, I discussed my personal theory regarding the integration of Christianity and psychology, as it relates to my beliefs, and how the summation of these two components will be reflected in my future counseling practice. I considered several factors that were critical to my personal counseling theory. First, I considered the human personality, such as, individual differences, motivations, and human development. Each person is unique; however, both Christianity and psychology have discovered common threads that are woven throughout the human race, and I believe that information is imperative to the counseling process. Next,
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This foundation, whether healthy or unhealthy, will form the way in which a person relates as an adult. Like Wilson (2001) and Hawkins (2010) who assert that external factors, such as other people, impact an individual’s emotions and behavior and ultimately form the personality structure, I also believe this personality theory. The Source, Role, and Function of Motivation (.5) According to Crabb (1977), there are several factors that motivate human behavior. Although there several motivators, Crabb (1977) insists that the need to feel secure and the need to feel significant are the two primary provokers. Often, a human’s primary motivator to meet these needs becomes the driving force behind any action. When a situation or event is encountered, often, the individual will analyze whether or not one of these two needs is threatened, if it is, a person will most often behave in a way that protects (Crabb, 1977). I have seen this to be true in my life and in the lives of many of my friends. For example, someone will make hurtful or unloving comment, and the receiver will retaliate with a defensive or hurtful remark to protect their security or significance from the offense. Unfortunately, this type of unhealthy behavior can set a person on a downhill spiral that may result in a ripple effect of negative impacts. Frequently, friends, business partners, spouses, children, and even other opportunities are disengaged because
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