Grendel As A Good King Summary

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The novel starts with one of the Danes legends of their warrior kings Shield Sheafson. He was so strong and powerful that he was honored by his people and seen in a beautiful light. The author gives us a good eye of what a king should be to the point that his people value him to the point they paid tribute and all the clans did not just one all. The thing that catches my eye is the fact that he was seen as “one good king.” Yeah there is there qualifications he meets in the people’s eyes, but could he really be a “good” king what if there are bad things hidden. There is always a different meaning for different people, like could “good king” mean he was alright of a king or it could mean that he was the best king that this world has seen. It could be personal preference for what the meaning of what a “good” king is.

Grendel is the name of a demon/monster that descended from the “Cain’s clan.” Grendel begins attacking Heorot. What I can start inferring over this is that the people had this dependency on their king of their time. The king was not just here to guide. He was there to protect them from all evil that came close to them. This dependency had dissolved, not completely, but little faith was left to help his people. To the point that the people started praying and “swore oaths” to relieve the pain that the town was suffering due to Grendel. Not only the people were suffering due to Grendel, but also the one in charge of the town because he has exhausted all resources

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