Griza Jones : A Film Analysis Of Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones is a adventurous/action movie it has many settings in the movie and it is about an archaeologist that is looking for a important piece of history but while he's looking for it there are bad men also trying to find it before him. This movie has many pros and cons but all together the movie was pretty good and I would definitely watch it again.There are many ways to rate a movie and there are many focuses to look on which many everyday people dont mind. I am going to use these five elements to help and understand the movie; narrative, cinematography, sound, mise-en-scene, and editing, these will help me understand and look at this movie in many different perspectives. Breaking down a movie into these components allows you to look into depth and seeing the true meaning of journalism. First element I am going to go into is the Narrative, Indiana Jones had an amazing narrative the events followed up to the conclusion very well and this allowed the movie to flow perfectly going from place to place. The way this was wrote it was very good because during the movie there needed to be a lot of setting changes and the story helped it by doing that. Another thing was the characters itself were amazing they all played their role as they were supposed too but there was one character and I feel that didn't play his role as it was probably made and he gave off an awkward feeling. The storyline gave off the action/adventure vibe and it was a typical bad guys lose and good

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