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Group literally means a group, or listing of similar commands and functions that are displayed on the default ribbon tabs. You can group together similar commands or a custom list of frequently used commands into a group, and then place groups into tabs. All parts of this are customizable, from creating the tabs, to the groups, down to the individual commands you wish to have available. They can be placed where you want for convenience and quick access.

The navigation pane is in the backstage view of a workbook. Along the left side of backstage view are a variety of commands relating to the use of the workbook. The navigation pane contains a series of tabs that groups of related commands. The navigation pane is where a user would go to …show more content…

These files are pre-formatted for the specific need. Templates are accessible in the backstage view; navigating to the file menu, and selecting a new document will allow a user to either select a new blank document, or a variety of templates. Users can even find Excel templates online that are submitted by other users.


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The Quick Access toolbar gives users access to the most command commands no matter if you are in different tabs (Gambrel, 2014). Commands can be added or removed from this toolbar easily. By default, the options are: save, undo, and redo (Getting Started with Excel). The drop-down arrow to the right of the toolbar allows a user to select any number of options to add to the list. Such commands might include quick print, email, and I personally have the camera tool added to my quick access

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