Group Intelligence And Scholastic Aptitude Tests

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In comparison to Individual Testing, Group Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude tests are used more frequently within school settings as administration requires little training on the examiners part since directions are outlined clearly in their respective manuals. Such tests are cost efficient, requires simpler materials, evaluate students’ performance and include; Cognitive Abilities test (CogAT), Kahlmann-Anderson Test, Test of Cognitive Skills (TCS/2) and The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, 8th edition (OLSAT8). The CogAT has a multilevel edition applicable for use with grades 3 through 12 and is comprised of three batteries for evaluating children’s verbal, quantitative and nonverbal abilities. The nonverbal category calls for geometric figures from tasks requiring classification, analogies or figure synthesis (Hood & Johnson, 2006). The Kuhlmann-Anderson Test on the contrary is consisted of seven different levels for kindergarten through grade 12 each having eight tests. It is considered one of the most popular group intelligence test for usage in schools is less relied upon language and produces verbal, nonverbal and total scores. The scores are then presented as confidence intervals and cognitive skills quotient.
Similarly the Test of Cognitive Skills 2 is administered as the group test equivalent to the Stanford-Binet and assesses verbal, nonverbal and short-term memory of children. It has six levels and is used with children in grade levels 2 through 12. The

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