Group Interaction During The Transition Stage

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Group Interactions Observed Part two of this group counseling session was a time for group members to become comfortable with each other and start expressing feelings and emotions. I watched each group member become honest with themselves and others during this session. Most group members were able to express their purpose in the group and become real with one another (Association for Specialists in Group Work, n.d.). I believe the group worked hard in this transitional stage, while tackling anxiety, trust, and resistance. I believe this group will succeed in the stages to come. The transition stage is a delicate time for group members, for the fact it is the stepping-stone to group cohesiveness and deeper meaningful work. During the transition stage, I observed the group experience high anxiety, the establishment of trust, and resistance. Anxiety takes several forms within each individual member. It was evident anxiety was high for each individual, since they were becoming vulnerable and expressing themselves without knowing if every group member was trustworthy (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010). During the video, I observed group members anxiety through their silence, excessive talking, need for approval, and lack of confidence. Each group member was able to work through their anxiety with the help from each other. I observed the establishment of trust start to form during this particular group session. Each group member remained curious about each other, while gradually
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