Group Vs. Individual Decision Making

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Group vs. Individual Decision Making

Business success is fairly uncertain but it helps when there is collaboration in the working environment. This means that inputs must come from all members of the organization because everyone has something to contribute. Inputs do not merely refer to raw materials but contributions of employees based on their opinions and suggestions about the company’s future or direction. Thus, the success of a business is not solely based on how raw materials are efficiently converted into outputs. This is because business processes can be automated. Automation of these processes can only add efficiency and lower costs but there are other aspects of a business that require decisions to be made. In fact, decisions are important to organizations and making the right ones – especially on important issues are crucial. In any organization, decision making serves as a factor which could either break it or make it. Hence, it is important that sound decisions are made so that the goals of a certain organization or company are realized. Aside from that, profits and productivity are expected to increase if decisions are able to meet the demands of business trends. In traditional organizational structures, decisions are lodged in the topmost stages of the ladder. In other words, only the top executives make the decisions for the company’s future and direction. In some instances, only the chief executive officer will only decide for the company. As a…
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