Gun Control In Mexico

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The war on drugs has been going on for a while between Mexico and the US; George W. Bush had signed the Merida Initiative with the then, President Felipe Calderon. Shortly after the Merida Initiative was signed, in April of 2006, Project Gunrunner launched. Developed by the Ammunitions, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency who planned “to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and thereby deprive the narcotics cartels of weapons” (Embassy of the United States Mexico, n.d.). Fast forward 3 years, and Attorney General Eric Holder took office, in order to continue support to the southwest border. In a speech given speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Holder stated “the Justice Department was committed to adding “100 new ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms,…show more content…
Assisting in the operation over the span of 16 months were: such as staff from the Ammunitions, Tobacco and Firearms Explosives (ATF) force; Homeland Security Investigations (HSI); Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); Internal Revenue Service (IRS); and state and local law enforcement agencies. When the ATF originally investigated the illegal smuggling of guns into Mexico, the idea of arresting individuals who were identified as straw purchasers was less important than finding the cartel members identified as decision makers and those financing them. The HSI agent who was assigned to the task, was not aware of the operation until December of 2009, two months after the Operation Fast and Furious was created. The agent learned the ATF was “investigating a suspected international weapons smuggling ring”. In a report by the Inspector General, personnel from HSI Arizona personnel “did not inform ICE headquarters about the ATF investigative methodology while the operation was underway” (U.S. House 2012, 20). The reasons for this was more than likely the techniques used were against ICE
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