Gun Control Problem

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Gun Control
What Is the real problem? Over the years separate interests have formed about guns, and what the United States should do to solve these “Problems”. As the years passed and debates started, two very distinct sides formed: one totally right and one totally left. The biggest groups for gun control are the Brady Campaign along with most Socialist and Democrats. They say that many school and nationwide shooting were mainly a result of the U.S.’s minimal gun control, and how we need more gun free zones and regulations to fix this. The biggest groups against gun control are the NRA and most Republicans. Those against gun control have argued that gun control laws are a violation of citizen’s constitutional rights often saying things like, “to take away the right to have guns is no different from the attempt of the British to “disarm” the colonists during the Revolutionary War” (Hanson 68). Some say that both are wrong or not completely correct. When the facts are presented it …show more content…

However, recent and past observations have proven that these rules have a drastic opposite effect.New York passed a rifle and shotgun registration law. Afterward unknown why crime rates rose. Washington D.C. passed a ban on handguns in the 1970’s, afterward murder rates tripled. At the time reports showed that 304 of the states homicides out of 309 were committed with handguns. Today it has the highest homicide rate than the rest of the country by over 38%. DC even banned rifles in 1989. South Carolina made it harder to purchase the sale of handguns and the crime hartes doubled in just a year. Care to tell me with what let me think yes it was Handguns, the very thing they had made it harder to purchase. Even more statistics prove that gun control is not a solution China for example still has mass homicides occasionally by only knives as the

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