Guns Should Not Be Forbidden

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Guns should not be forbidden! Firearms provide people a sense of protection, many people seem to feel safer if firearms are being contained in the house , although about 40% of people both male and female disagree with this. The race that believes in this the most is the white race at 45%, then followed up by hispanic race at 34%, finally the blacks at a 32%. These are just statistics but more studies show different results. People argue with the fact that the police can protect us. Other people say that this is partially true mainly because the police are not able to everywhere at once so this is why some people take it upon themselves to get guns and use it to protect their loved ones from harm. Many people say that forbidding guns will stop shootings. Although this might be true how would this stop a criminal from buying a weapon. When what they are doing is also illegal? Guns should be forbidden? If that happens what else will criminals think of to kill innocent people, before guns had been put into easy access many of the killings we due to bomb explosions. Guns being forbidden would be in good desires but it won 't cause good things to happen,this might even cause an (angrily fight against unfair authority) among the people. These reasons are why many people argue about blocking/forbidding guns because it provides a sense of protection and freedom, people get this sense of freedom because they are being legal and owning weapons used for protections although some people

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