Guns and Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Society by Jared Diamond

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Food did not originate from every continent; some food had to be imported because some regions could not grow food as they did not develop agriculture. Diamond formulates this into a question about food origination and when it arose on certain continents (94). It is also stated that there are many global inequalities that Diamond calls the HAVES and HAVES–NOTS. This leads readers to think about Yali’s question regarding New Guiana. Many people had farm power and many did not until several years later or did not have farm power at all because of the environmental and ecological issues in that society like climate. This leads to an issue Diamond calls “to farm or not to farm.” This also raises another question about food production and why…show more content…
Readers also learn that the spread of plants and animals play a significant role in the development and growth of societies. “Writing marched together with weapons, microbes (germs), and centralized political organization as a modern agent of conquest” (116). Diamond uses Europe as an exceptional example in regards to Yali’s question as to why white people colonized New Guinea: “Europeans were the ones who had the oceangoing ships and compasses to travel to New Guinea; the writing systems and printing presses to produce maps, descriptive accounts and administrative paperwork useful in establishing control of New Guinea” (317). This is a great example because it sheds light on Yali’s question as to why New Guinea never developed; they did not develop the skills and techniques Europe did and this led to the colonization of New Guinea and Australia. Farming was very different in New Guinea because their food lacked the nutrients Europeans had in their food, and they also lacked large animals due to their extinctions which readers learn in chapter 2. Many Asians settled in Indonesia and islands around New Guinea around 1600 B.C which opens up a trade route for New Guinea. This is a great approach for New Guinea at this time because they lacked in technological advances. European conquest
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