H & M Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis H&M’s revenue was $24 billion in the year of 2015, a round trip to the moon is $750 million, to walk on the moon is $1.5 billion, two Airbus A380 is $810 million, the most expensive house, Antilia Mumbai in India is $1 billion, five F-35C Lightning II fighter jets are $1 billion, and the Los Angeles Lakers are $1 billion. Obviously, H&M makes a lot of money, has a great influence and impact on today’s fashion industry. What makes H&M one of the most popular global clothing retailers? Why does United States have over 400 different H&M locations? H&M’s visual marketing strategies played a big role in the success of the company. As of 15 July 2016, H&M has over 4,000 locations all over the world, there must be a reason…show more content…
Like I mentioned above, you don’t find any disturbing, or “not appropriate” posters in H&M, they display their clothes on white tables and shelves, creating that simple picture. All employees wore black collared shirts, with black long pants, the combination of the employees and color of the store looked very professional. All employees carried around an electronic device that scans the item and shows price, all employees had name tags and every single employee had a smile on their…show more content…
Accessories included earrings, wristbands, hats, necklaces, and more. They arranged the accessories for different seasons, different clothing, so that customers could easily find things according to their needs. I was able to see customers trying out accessories and employees were helping them out by giving them feedback and suggestions. Overall, employees at H&M offered great customer service and I was able to see that employees actually tried to get to know the customer personally. One occasion, I was able to see a young employee, probably in her early 20s giving high school girls feedback on which clothes to wear casually to the summer party and dances. She asked where the girls were from, when she knew that many of the girls were cheerleaders, she immediately created a relationship by sharing her high school stories and told them that she was a cheerleader as
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