HIV/AIDS Infiltrate El Paso

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Over the course of the years the HIV/AIDS pandemic has managed to infiltrate El Paso. Lack of information along with misguided information has contributed to this issue. Unfortunately this issue is not treated as a priority. The number of agencies that focus on the prevention and education of HIV/AIDS is not as big as it ought to be. There are hundreds and hundreds of individuals living in El Paso who are infected with this virus and are unaware of it. Even more shocking is that the highest percentage of these individuals along with those who have been tested belongs to teenagers. The Teen Advisory Board is and organization whose goal is HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. They are partnered with The University Medical Center of El Paso. The …show more content…

Every year a group of teens form El Paso goes through an extensive training of approximately eleven sessions. Once this program is completed they are then required to attend another training in which they are instructed on the HIV/AIDS’ history, prevention methods, and ways of spreading along with other influential factors. Once they have completed this training they are then certified as Teen Advisory Board educators. Once certified these teens begin outreach. They attend schools, from middle schools to colleges, to conduct presentations on HIV/AIDS. They stress the importance of having the right information in order to do the right choices. They talk about the risk factors that can increase the possibility of individuals becoming infected with this virus. Such factors include the usage of drugs and alcohol as well as peer pressure. In targeting these risk factors not only do they help lower the excessive use of drugs and alcohol but they are also preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Another goal of this program is to destroy ignorance. By giving these individuals the correct information they are trying to eliminate the stigmas that for decades have accompanied this

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