HR Equality Application Essay

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My experiences have allowed me to develop many important skills which are well-aligned with the requirements of the HR Equality internship. My current part-time job as a waitress in a Thai restaurant has helped me to obtain excellent verbal communication through interacting with a variety of customers and tactfully dealing with their enquiries. Being the General Secretary of Vietnamese Society in the University of York has required me to be in charge of paperwork procedures, preparing agenda for each meeting and formulating academic style emails to university departments and the Student Union. This enables me to enhance written communication skill when working in a professional environment. Through my degree in Mathematics and Economics, I …show more content…

I believe that the power of concepts and theories lies in their applications to real life. Undertaking the duty of identifying trends and interpreting the data for the Council’s workforce profile allows me to use my knowledge and make a positive influence on York community. I am currently pursuing a career in public sector after graduation and this project will act as a stepping stone, helping me to gain an insight into the sector work environment. Being part of the HR strategic team to meet the Council’s statutory duty under the Equality Act 2010 will be a valuable experience, enabling me to develop a wide range of transferable skills from problem solving to project planning and presentation. • • Through this internship, I am aiming to raise the commercial awareness in business sector. Working on an Annual Workforce Equalities Report for 2015 and giving advice for organisations is promised to teach me a lot about workforce planning and development strategies. The project helps to fast track my future career path with a variety of important skills that I can develop as an intern. In return, I hope to make the most of my statistical and analytical skills to have a positive impact on City of York Council as a

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