Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Revenge can corrupt; revenge can turn a good heart into pure evil. It changes your personality, it corrupts the mind, it makes you blind, all revenge does hurt you and others, and nothing good comes from revenge. It makes you evil and before you know it has changed you into the person you vowed never to become, it kills your soul until there is nothing left but a soul full of hate and evil. One character that knows revenge the best and knows how it can destroy your life is Hamlet, his soul is gone and there is nothing but hate left in his life, he has truly lost everything and everyone.
Hamlet is basically on a warpath to find out who killed his father, and he doesn’t hold back, he does anything to find answers, even if that meant he had to hurt his loved ones and friends. All he wanted to do was to get revenge for his father death. He thought it was justified to find the person and murder them; he thought it would make things right, but really as you find out all it did was destroy his soul and mind. Revenge took everything Hamlet had away from him, in the end he has nothing. Some background of Hamlet, is cynical and bitter person because he hates his uncle, his fathers brother. The reason he knows this because his uncle is nothing but a liar and a schemer and Hamlet suspects he had something to do with his Fathers death. He also is indecisive and hesitant to commit to doing anything.
First thing, Hamlet knows his uncle killed his father because he claims the

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