Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Hamlet is a well known play on the dynamic between thought and action. Hamlet, specifically, is a broken man that is doing more than grieving over his father’s planned death. He is troubled and feeling helpless on what he should do about his uncle, now being his step dad, and his mom barely grieving over her deceased husband. Hamlet’s father makes a supernatural appearance and tells Hamlet exactly of his death and how his uncle put a poison in his ear while he was asleep in the garden and that his suspicions between his wife and his brother are now obviously true but he also tells Hamlet not to worry about his mom because the Heavens will take care of her but as for his father’s brother, an eye for an eye would fit just nicely. As Hamlet decides he will plunge Claudius in his ear as the man is praying to God, it quickly turns into one of the many moments where his thoughts turn to very nearly actions and then back into thoughts again. He confusingly says, “I could do it easily now. He’s praying now.. And there he goes, off to heaven. And that’s my revenge. I’d better think about this more carefully. A villain kills my father, and I, my father’s only son, send this same villain to heaven. Seems like, I just did him a favor. He killed my father when my father was enjoying life, with all his sins in full bloom, before my father could repent for any of them. Only God knows how many sins my father has to pay for. As for me, I don’t think his prospects look so good.” It

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