Handicap Shower Chairs Research Paper

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Handicap Shower Chairs – Making Showers Safe Again

Having a cold shower on a hot summer night or a hot bath on a chilly winter night are both refreshing and revitalizing, but if you have a physical disability you might not get to enjoy these simple pleasures. Some older folks and disabled people are hesitant about taking showers on their own as they think a slip or a fall might not be far away. Family members are also hesitant to let them do these kinds of activities on their own. These fears are not irrational as it can be very difficult for a handicapped individual to shower by themselves.

A handicap shower chair is the answer when taking a shower becomes difficult or even dangerous. It will help to keep them safe while showering.

The primary concern for families of handicapped persons is their safety. Handicap shower chairs can help with mobility and they can enjoy a shower without thinking of getting hurt. A great deal of effort is required for a disabled person to stand in a shower or get out of a bathtub. Many
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It will so give them back their personal space and privacy.

Handicap shower chairs are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are durable and don't disintegrate because they are water and rust proof. Most of them are made of plastic and aluminum. They are easy to fold and store when not in use.

Handicap shower chairs are easy to transport and don't require any additional tools for installation. They are easy to clean and the armrest and backrests are adjustable.

The chairs come in different forms and are useful to those who have difficulty walking or moving on their own.

Think about updating your bathroom to accommodate a shower chair especially if there is a concern for a loved one slipping. You can rest assured that your loved one will be safe while they are in the
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