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Devan Gadevaia
December 6, 2014
Final essay #4
Topic #1
English 203k Fall 2014
Hands: time changes Sherwood Anderson’s story “Hands” is primarily concerned with innocence and guilt.
Ochani Lele states “A pair of hands can create, inspire, instill dreams; while those same hands can destroy, diffuse, and install nightmares.” (Lele) Through Anderson’s “Hands” it suggest that something innocent can be quickly distorted into something grotesque.
In society today teachers would pat you on the back to show their appreciation for your work. Parents do not normally think anything of it, unless someone tells a parents that the teacher had touched them in an inappropriate way. In the …show more content…

“Although he still hungered for the presence of the boy, who was, the medium through which he expressed his love of man, the hunger, became again apart if his loneliness and his waiting. Adolf Myers was a natural teacher, he was loved by the boys of his school.”
The townspeople did not understand why Adolf Myers was like that, they thought it was wrong. The towns people ran Myers out of town. They came to his house and they were going to hang him, “but something in his figure, so small, white and pitiful touched their hearts and they let him escape.” (1942) That is how he ended up in Winesburg. He is

now known as Wing Biddlebaum. Wing Biddlebaum is still confused about what happened in Pennsylvania. “[He] did not understand what had happened he felt that the hands must be to blame.” (1942) Wing Biddlebaum did not think he belonged in this town. He was “forever frightened and beset by a ghostly brand of doubts, did not think of himself as, in anyway, a part of the life of the town where he lived for 20 years.”
Wing Biddlebaum talked a lot with his hands. “The slender expressive fingers, forever active, forever striving to conceal themselves in his pockets or behind his back, came forth and became the piston rods of his machinery of expression.” (1939) Since
Wing Biddlebaum thought his hands were to blame he always hid them.

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