Haneda Airport Is Given a Competitive Edge by Mobile Network Essays

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The following is a case study about the Mobile Network Gives Haneda Airport Its Competitive Edge. It has components that describe about the WLAN components and the Role of WLAN at Airports
WLAN (Wireless Local Area network) and its components: The task of developing a WLAN on commercial front possesses a greater challenge. Developing initial design, purchasing and installing components, managing and providing maintenance to the systems are the main basic parts of the WLAN. When we use WLAN on a commercial front then we may face the security and privacy concerns. The total area of that particular commercial area should be accessible. This is only possible with installing huge number of access points. The various components of the WLAN are
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Role of WLAN at airports:
Today network is part of our life. Where ever we go it is the easiest way to get connected to the world,
A Guest Wi-Fi system is one of the necessary components to get connected to the network. This has been identified by the various sectors of the business, mostly where ever we go we have Wi-Fi available.
Airport is one of the biggest sectors that use WLAN.
“Improving passenger service are critical success factors in the competitive advantage” (Efraim turban, Linda Volonino, Gregory Wood) Wiley (2013, p.87) so the Haneda airport was installed with WLAN infrastructure from HP. Similarly there are other airports like Denver which collaborated with Meru networks, Mumbai’s Chatrapathi Shivaji terminal has been equipped with the 4ipnet and WHG controller. There are several challenges with the Meru network as well as the 4ipnet network, some are:
a) Providing network for high number of passengers with differentiated networks.
b) Amalgamation of the new service with the old service.
c) In order to manage the access points and the controllers through the administrative system.
d) The durability of the equipment should be high in order to provide wide coverage area.
With these challenges there are several special features provided with these networks they are:
Service zones: Service zones are the areas where the network is available. This is a feature which allows the airport authority to
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