Happiness : How Important Is Happiness To Happiness?

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How important is happiness to humanity? With no formal definition, the word ‘happiness,’can only be described when felt (“Happiness Definition - What is Happiness.”). In everyday life, positive emotion comes from a pleasureable action or item. When such meaningful experiences occur, happiness is the scientific and socialistic reward gained.
In an article called The Brain Chemicals That Make You Happy, Kaia Roman states: “Neurochemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters generated in the brain are fundamentally responsible for creating sensations.” Good or bad, strong or poor, the feelings produced by these factors affect a wide range of bodily functions. The neurotransmitter dopamine entails the duty of mood changes and what reaction the body gives to an incident. For example, this “chemical of reward,” informs the bodily systems that they’ve done a “good job,” after crossing a finish line or accomplishing a goal. However, the emotional stability in the human body has some unhealthy drawbacks too. Most commonly experienced in pregnancy and breastfeeding, anxiety is the greatest default a soul can endure. Especially after giving birth, mothers are more susceptible to worrying about the wellbeing of their child or the atmosphere they’re in. Oxytocin is a hormone that reduces these nerves. It’s power can be felt through “warm fuzzies” (Roman). The mind is a valuable asset to a person, and its’ efficiency can be influenced by how an individual treats their physic.

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